Christ is a cop.
Christ it's hot.
Steaming heat piled like shit in the street.
I shouldn't be telling you this.
I can smell the damn lamb kebobs a block away
and the cat guarding St. Pete's
won't stop staring like Christ.
. . .























. . .
   I lay me down the street
   Pray the cops my body keep.
Their horses high as Christ.
Hooves hard as Christ.
I scratch graffiti against ads
on the subway walls
telling me, always telling me what I want.
I don't want.
. . .























. . .
Bermuda's as green as Christ
the Caribbean as blue as Christ.
News black as Christ.
The hawker shouts the words of Christ--
"Daily Noose. Daily Noose."
They can't save us
but the broker will.
   Christ coins for mama
   Christ in the cup
   Christ money in my bra
   All hands up.
The cops know where I am who I am only ask.
. . .























. . .
Christ is a hooker's spandex ass.
Christ is the woman
passes every morning regular as bowels
walking Reboks like pets.
Christ is the man
in bald daylight pisses on Wall Street
with the pitiful cock.
. . .























. . .
In the beginning the graffiti
and the graffiti was the tattoo of Christ.
Christ is the pigeon
nodding to everything "Yes."
   I'll tell you a secret
I'm home on hot-as-hell subterranean trains.
   I'm crazy Christ.