Natomo Family Things (Gathered on their Rooftop in Kouakourou, Mali at 6:30 am, March 27, 1993)

Mortars & pestles (3).
Sieves for sifting grain (2).
Ritual cane.
Mosquito netting.
Cooking pot. Broken pot. Ceramic pots (5). Sweet rice mush in cookpot.
Water in big clay pot.
Basket. Broken bark basket.
Water kettles (2) and cans (2), and plastic washing tubs (5).
Rectangular adobe brick mold.
Battery-powered radio.
Folded blanket.
Wooden condiment container.
Fishing net.
Hoe, shovel, knife, and broad axe.
Wooden drying rack.
Cooking fire.
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    from Peter Menzel's Material World