What Kind of Thing is This Thing of Kinds?
(First Things First and Last Things)


Naming sticks.

Games and charms are the first things, where all of us start, but we turn them into tools, which become the Last Things, the means of our end, either to open up or seal off knowledge. We need help to do what life asks of us. From the beginning we're asked to name what we can't name. We must constitute things that we do not know what they are, desperately separating and associating, which is the point.

To sort things out, to make sense of life, we need tools. Sorting Things Out extends our powers, just as a stick extends bone and muscle. We pivot our bodies into the world by the power of the imagination. Neither hammer forcing outside inside, nor saw revealing inside outside, we're the crowbar exchanging outside for inside and vice versa. In the same way, classifying opens up and closes down, breaking boundaries and drawing them. ~ Both/And ~