Things Said As If Facts Could Be True

At dawn a shudder runs through objects. (Octavio Paz)
God is the sense the world makes without God. (A.R. Ammons)
The book leans on the void. (Edmond Jabes)
Consider it: all transactions involving authority involve an attempt to alleviate the sense of loneliness that is a condition of life. (George W.S. Trow)
Beliefs are true or false, but they represent nothing. (Donald Davidson)
It always seems to me that poetry is more terrible than painting, although painting is dirtier and ultimately more tedious. (Van Gogh)
Did you save the circle? (man on the bus)
The universe is made of stories not of atoms. (Muriel Rukeyser)
Solids remember but liquids and gases forget…. Rock remembers the past. (Walter Alvarez)
The breath of the mind is attention. (Joubert)
The man who prays raises the question of what the limits of hope may be. … Prayer is successful not in terms of what it logically produces or pragmatically achieves but in terms of what it forces reality to experience. (Anthony Padovano)
After the age of fifty we begin to die little by little in the deaths of others. (Julio Cortazar)
But a part of wisdom is changing one's opinions. (Antonio Machado)
Please, could you tell me how late it is? (woman in the subway)
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