Spiritual Things

The Angel of Erasure.
The Proverbs of Hell (e.g., Exuberance is Beauty--William Blake).
How the universe implies nothing about how we should behave.
Elephants, those clouds walking the earth.
Suggestive and mistaken names, or the notice of things.
The subtlety of matter.
A squirrel in my backyard named Ratatosk with his tail like a pennant, who scurries up and down the ash tree only trying to connect earth and sky.
Those body-shaped spaces that the trees offer us.
The density of emptiness.
Galileo's daughter making marmalade from the lemons and chartreuse citrons he sent her and then at the gate placing her gift in his hand.
The moist light called wine.
A man recording silence in an empty field at midnight in the dead of winter who will play it back to rapt listeners of loss.
Rosy periwinkle.
The emotional turnbuckle that anchors us to boulders.
Our bodies perfectly fitting together in the darkness to complete one puzzle and make another.
The strings of light that hold us upright.
Peaches on the table sublimely indifferent to their nakedness.
Chance, because it is innocent.

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