Deena Larsen

In 1988, Deena Larsen tried to glue poems about women in a Colorado mining town with model trains and embroidery thread. It didn't work. A friend said try HyperCard--and Deena has been writing hypertexts ever since. This first work, Marble Springs (Eastgate), is now a collaborative hypertext where readers can add their own stories and connections. Her next few works revolve around structured geometric shapes:

  • Samplers : Nine Vicious Little Hypertexts (Eastgate) is a bunch of short stories with everything from sentient traffic barriers to coyotes who can destroy the world.
  • Triangulation (B&A New Fiction, forthcoming) is about love and power.
  • Ferris Wheels (Iowa Review Web) takes spaceships and subatomic particles into account before answering a marriage proposal.

Stone Moons (Eastgate, forthcoming) is a large novel about a mother who fights Social Services and the moon for her autistic child.

Author's Notes