Stolen swan

Better reception

Thunder Bay -- Tried your Bolivian miracle pill, damn your soul. With luck the hallucinations will let up before my 10:00 with the Bosnian medicine men. As for the jetlegs, well, who can say? What with Mr. Abu Nidal creeping from behind the television every five minutes, I'm sure I haven't noticed. Call it a cure, then. (Damp towel over the set fixed Mr. Abu. Not sure what it's done for the telly.) Where are you these days? I remember Paris, but were you east from there or west? Could we be sharing a continent this week? Will try to ring Thursday night m.t., that is if you've thought to give Tonio your numbers. Miss you rottenly. Want to share something smaller than a continent. Able able, stolen swan. -- A.

Seeing things

Medicine men