Mrs. Annabelle de Quotis, Suitland MD
Folding tofu

Food of love
I met these two regular guys in a tourist bar in the Caymans. At least they looked like regular guys. We had a few drinks and went up to their suite. I was about to start the meter when I noticed them looking at me strangely. I got this weird rush in my head: squids folding tofu, corrugated symphonies, the aroma of tax free bonds. In a while it got more focused and sexual. I seemed to be groped, stroked, probed, teased, palpated, tickled, and basted -- but all in my head. Everybody stayed in their street clothes, though some of mine would need laundering. The whole room seemed to be pre-orgasmic. I noticed all the furniture was floating four inches off the floor. In another minute I came like the San Andreas and the two guys fell over flat.

Reader, I married them.

Tickled and basted