Curtis LeMay's Web Workshop
Relentless advance

The sixties
Some things never change. Back in the sixties you couldn't take any meaningful defense action without some soft sister yammering about "escalation." If we seed western Mongolia with plague vectors, how will the commies retaliate? They might evendrop the bomb! As if that was the worst of our worries.

Well, nobody did drop the bomb, sister (though not for lack of trying), and now here we are at the start of a brand-new century hearing the same darned thing: If we go to integrated forms and CGIs, our competition will use Java applets! And if we roll out our own applets, they're likely to try ActiveX controls and XML-enabled browsers!

The courageous Webmaster turns a deaf ear to these sob stories. He knows that escalation is the way of the world, a biological necessity since our first ancestor crawled out of the slime and ate somebody else's ancestor. Technology advances relentlessly. A good solider has to keep in step take it in the rear. War is hell.

Defense action