Curtis LeMay's Web Workshop

Some people believe it is too hard to learn Hypertext Markup Language. Maybe it is, for them! They prefer to use utilities that "write the code for them," so-called whizzy wig programs. As the name suggests, these programs were created by crossdressing leftwing intellectuals from California. True American Webmasters would never go near them.

Whizzy wig (WYSIWYG) actually stands for "While You Sleep I Waste Your Gardens," one of the secret sayings of Mao Tse Tung. It was introduced into the computer world by those infamous pinks at Apple. History and the free market have dealt with them.

Do not be seduced by promises of ease or simplicity. To be a Webmaster you must be hard. Your mind must be keen and agile, your will unwavering.

Above all, you must know the codes.