Santa Monica -- Home at last. Was much relieved to hear your voice, though I'm past worrying. Iris sends love. Forgot to tell you she is now on the net though seems to have given me wrong address. Gave her yours, correctly I hope. People's Republic of S/M seems just the same, though the rest of this country has gone off the other edge. Guess you've heard American Nazis may have their hands in OKC. Abu or Sam, who knows? Fanatics are aliens by definition, or maybe we're all foreigners here. Can't do philosophy now. Have two days unscheduled, will be spending them on the deck with Mr. Ito and friends. Deserve better company. Why aren't you here? -- Languishing and love-starved in LA.

(ps if you see Paul in Seattle give hug from delinquent dad and tell him TCIITM)