Curtis LeMay's Web Workshop

Follow the advice in these pages and you will be truly a master of the Web, brave and sure in your design decisions, unwavering in your competitive spirit. You will inspire bravery in your comrades, pride in your parents, and a certain misty-eyed longing in young girls. Keep faith with these teachings and you will be a Web warrior with whom I would be proud to serve in any MIS department.

Be mindful, though, that the duties of a patriotic Webmaster go beyond the battleground of information. The history of America is written in the book of Providence and the prophets tell us we have reached the final chapter. Remember that this is the end times and that all the cleverness of man is but an instrument of Revelation, and thus of Judgement. Let every page you publish and every site you build reflect your hopes for eternity.

Keep watching the skies.