Site Mary
Day Zero

18:04, Day Zero. A rustic cabin in the deep woods. He sees light through the windows, thinks help is at hand, stumbles closer, but notices no sign of vehicle or roadway, or even (though it's hard to tell in the gathering darkness) phone or power lines. He stops short, struck by apprehension. Who would live in a place like this? But it's getting dark and soon it will be cold, too, so he steps up onto the porch, calling out a greeting. He knocks firmly on the door.

18:06. Subject enters Site Mary. On-site cameras record initial inventory as follows: looks through rooms for occupants, finds none; notices kerosene lamps, indoor plumbing; tries faucet, finds it working; goes to larder, finds shelves stocked. Examines cot, chairs, writing desk; discovers pads, three reams typing paper, 1932 Royal Standard typewriter (working) with extra ribbons; opens drawer, finds pens, pencils, eraser, Holy Bible, one bottle Scotch whisky; sits at desk, notices placecard: WELCOME.

18:42. Subject goes to cabin door and locks it.