Drive in the Country
Only one

Used car
On Sunday Mr. Perlmutter drove out to the cemetery. The car, a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria with 8,367 miles on the odometer, still smelled new. This seemed strange to him. Mr. Perlmutter had owned before this four Fords and a Mercury. All but the Mercury he bought used. The curb weight of a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria, gassed and loaded, is about 3,800 pounds.

The cemetery was twenty miles away in the next county. The quickest route was to take I-70 westbound until you saw the flagpoles of the Honor Garden. Then you got off and made three lefts, describing an inverted P, and you were at the gates. Mr. Perlmutter was familiar with the route.

On his way back to the city, he drove for five or six miles with an unmarked state trooper behind him. Mr. Perlmutter was a careful driver with no record of citations and only one accident. After a while, the trooper pulled out and passed. Mr. Perlmutter closed his eyes.