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"Kubrick's Penis," Number 13 (Medium Cool, December '99). We've always thought this comic had a lot going for it, especially after living legend Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Mrs. Nixon) took over writing duties from a seriously overmatched William Gibson. The latest issue doesn't disappoint, featuring the return of Bill Sienkewiecz (Stray Toasters, Elektra Assassin, Night Thoughts) from an extended Tibetan vacation. Driven by Sienkewiecz's blazing, increasingly expressionistic images, this issue follows Chad and Benazir, the metaphysical dirt bikers introduced in Issue 8, as they pursue the sinister Dr. Cadillac, who may have assimilated their brother Steve back in Issue 4. We also meet two new characters, the cab driver Six-Oh-Two who is actually an agent of The Studio, and Fergus, a little boy from the late 19th century. Rumors said the series title would be explained in this issue. Not so far as we can tell, though Kubrick references continue: note the "Born to Kill" bumper sticker on page 12 and the "Barry Lyndon" theme bar on pages 16-17. So far no penis, but there's always next month. Born