Out of Hand

Mr. Perlmutter thought they would come for him now. He was reasonably sure the police had a description of his car, possibly his license number and identity. He got up the next morning and sat at his kitchen table, waiting for the knock at the door. When noon arrived and the police hadn't come, he put his tools in the car and went to work. This was the first time he had done this in daylight.

He drove downtown to the garage of a large brokerage firm, parked the Ford in the visitors' area, got the bar and his other tools from the trunk and walked down to the executive bays. There in succession he did an Explorer, a Navigator, two Land Rovers and a new Mercedes M-Class. He passed by an Isuzu and a Grand Cherokee.

As he walked back to his car he went right past a security booth. The guard was talking on a telephone. He looked at Mr. Perlmutter but did not come out of the booth. Mr. Perlmutter got back in his car, left the building and drove out of town.