Christy Sheffield Sanford

Christy Sheffield Sanford recently won a post as the trAce Virtual Writer-in-Residence. In 1998, she was awarded The Well's prize for the Best Hyperlinked Work on the Web. Her work has been praised by Frederick Barthelme in Atlantic Monthly Online, George Landow in Hypertext 2.0 and N. Katherine Hayles in ArtForum. Her online work has been published by Light and Dust, Enterzone, Ylem, Salt Hill and many other ezines and project sites. She has won a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and is the author of seven books including The H's: The Spasm of a Requiem, The Italian Smoking Piece and Only the Nude Can Redeem the Landscape.

Light-Water: Mosaic is a meditation on interactions of light and water. The work was composed using Dreamweaver. This software makes possible complex dynamic html scripting. In the case of Light-Water, special emphasis was placed on creating Timelines. The space-time possibilities for literature can now be more adequately realized through the use of spatio-temporal dhtml editors. Timelines were used to explore the kinetic properties/spirit of light and water.