each montage-sample constitutes a simple or complex movement or gesture, and each cut is made just previous or just following a fade in the original film. there are dynamic lines or blades of motion within an unlit room with shut blinds. the exquisite corpse's cinematic sleep upon the photographic light of Man Ray. "The route itself it ritual," Agrippa was telling us as we ascended the expanse before the architecture was discernable. "These are hanging gardens, just like the ones Rem Koolhaus devised for the collaboration projects of Eugene Tsui and Antonio Gaudi, that is, for the self-effacing cityscape during the decades of the last Deleuzian Millennia. SMALL G - Long bolt (1/4 x 3 round head stove bolt). Between strings 1 and 2. Distance from damper: 8 and 3/4". Large bolt (5/16 x 1 and 1/2 carriage bolt). Between strings 2 and 3. Distance from damper: 3 and 1/4". SMALL D - Bolt (1/4 x 1 and 1/2 round head iron stove bolt). Between strings 2 and 3. Distance from damper: 11/16". LARGE D - Screw with rubber (12 gauge, 2" flat head iron wood screw, wrapped with one thickness of jar rubber 1/16" thick). Between the two strings. Distance from damper: 4 and 7/16". Note: Place screw with rubber between strings in such a way that the rubber contacts the strings. GREAT D - Eraser (American Pencil Co. #346). Interlace under C SHARP and E FLAT OVER D. Distance from damper: 6 and 3/4" The light is poor, and so it should be, because it is better to sense than to see - Decollage, the opposite of collage (see Collage), involves removing images superimposed on one another. This occurs spontaneously in cities when layers of posters are defaces or weathered, and it is this phenomenon that apparently inspired the pioneering use of decollage by the Surrealist (see Surrealism) Leo Malet, beginning in the mid-1930s. (It has been said that Picasso's and Braque's inspiration for Cubist collage came from the layers of advertising posters that first blanketed Paris during the early part of the century.) 486 PC running at 33 MHz into the Model 24SII DES 4 Page CAD file: 38.2 MB Parallel Output via Tran-x LPT-460.