During my decades in the desert,
I dreamed of walking the streets
of a major metropolis again.

roll-1.GIF (370330 bytes) Tears came to my eyes, whether
gazing in a museum, or browsing a
bookshop in a hidden cove of the city.


Portland, OR.

Navigating downtown Stumptown today, I recall researchers can turn walking or running on and off by stimulating the pons. The PGO system...tells the sensory part of the visual brain the Latin Quarter was an area of dusty used bookshops, avant-garde art galleries, antiques shops, dealers in ethnological artifacts, and the tiny cramped offices of radical publishing houses and small presses specializing in experimental literature and what the motor part is doing, and it uses acetylcholine to relay that information. What the visual brain does with the acetycholine signals during REM sleep to hallucinate the felt-sense of those dreams, realizing that, unlike in this "waking state," in them my legs never tired.


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