The first morning in my new apartment, I went outside and found that my car was gone! "Oh, no!"
"Am I still asleep?" I've had such dreams before.

'I'd be curious to know what Dr. Hofstadter thinks dreams are. 'To my surprise,
one of my students elbowed his way through the crowd that surrounded
Hofstadter, and came back within ten minutes. 'I asked him,' he said, panting
for breath.' 'Well? What was his reply?' 'He told me that dreams are confused
brain programs.'

As my phone wasn't yet connected, I couldn't call the police. So I went to the Manager, who told me my car had probably been towed. She had forgotten to give me a parking permit!

Although wakeful life is not a dream (different
flood the brain), it's still a reverie,
a virtuality the brain creates, a realization
made not to live in, but from.


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