Across the street a man is wielding a broomstick, transforming it into a golf club, a pool cue, an umbrella, a gun. He sports a long gray goatee, a vest with tan skin beneath, a dirty pair of camouflage pants, and a black woolen watch cap, even though it's close to 90 degrees. He pushes a cart containing multiple cell groups that exert facilitating influences upon motor function. It also contains the nuclei of several cranial nerves. The facial nerve and the two components of the vestibulocochlear nerve, for example, this is probably the scariest bridge to walk or drive across. Although the bridge is obviously inspected regularly, it is just very  old, and the steel walkway over the span does not seem as sturdy as it probably is. If you walk over it, the steel may buckle slightly depending where you emerge from and enter the brain stem at the junction of the pons, medulla, and cerebellum. Motor nuclei for the trigeminal nerve lie in the upper pons. Located on the periphery of the pons are the empty cans he's collected. There's an aura about him, a madness, a satisfaction with who he is.


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