Cirque Du Soleil


A small town of tents with thick steel coils bolted to the ground. Inside the Big Top darkness surrounds a center swimming in color lights. Gridwork towers, a complex network of lines flanked by forest-clad hills, and in the distance are the snow-covered mountain peaks glistening in the hues of the setting sun. The portals of the main towers illustrate there are innumerable attributes of the experience of sleep and dreaming that might be focused upon as definitive, but people in various cultures tend to focus on only something new--architecture in structural steel. Beauty is secured without camouflage or ornamentation. The lines of the portals are planned to harmonize with the lines of the cables. The structural steel itself is planned for beauty of lines, proportions, surface relief, lights and shadows, some from which to swing, others for safety.

From a tunnel they emege in the tradition of jesters, harlequins, Pueblo Indian Koshare clowns, bantering the audience, stealing a ancestor.gif (822093 bytes) child and turning her upsidedown, then returning her home. "Evil clowns" stripping the audience of safety, dignity, the illusion of security, all in fun?

Mind circles Hell
 no safety net

Loud clacks in seductive cadences acted out as a fiction of play. No ideas but in motivations. No philosophies without music. No words but in articulations, in which pins, tossed in the air, are amazingly juggled.

"I made myself small, so as not to be noticed by the clowns," someone who attended before us warned.

Don't be noticed.
Don't be chosen.
Don't let your world be turned
                   on its head.

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