ITC to set up Net booths for coffee planters


BANGALORE ITC plans to set up 25 internet kiosks in the southern Karnataka state to connect coffee planters to the Web, according to an official. "The main purpose is to let planters understand the market realities and sell their produce at the right time, taking into account global prices," said Ninad Bhosle, senior manager, trading, at ITC's International Business Division.

Indian coffee prices are near record lows due to weak global prices.Last week, LIFFE robusta coffee prices fell to 30-year lows. Last Saturday, ITC launched a portal ( for coffee planters which provides prices and market information. The portal will provide international coffee prices and market information to coffee growers. "We will set up the Internet booths maximum within six months to a year," Bhosle said.

ITC, which has business interests in tobacco, hotels and agri-business, launched a project this year to bring the internet to Indian farmers by setting up kiosks. It plans to spend Rs 10 crore ($2.14 million) on the project. ITC is 31.7 per cent owned by British American Tobacco. ITC has set up some 100 internet kiosks in the central state of Madhya Pradesh, the country's soybean bowl besides launching a soya portal.

ITC's International Business Division deals in feed ingredients such as soymeal and rapeseed, foodgrains, coffee and marine products.

Source : Economic Times. December 13, 2000