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Software for Webpage Designing

Software for webpage designing makes it very fast and easy to develop appealing websites without having any technical knowledge of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). HTML is the standard language for website designing.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor ++ (
CoffeeCup is an extremely user friendly, graphic menu driven software for webpage designing.


  • Easy to learn and user-friendly.
  • Contains a lot of free Pearl and CGI scripts to make the site more attractive.


  • Large File Size and therefore takes time to download.

Putting a Hit Counter

A hit counter keeps track of the number of hits coming to your website. It enables you how popular your website it and gives you an idea of the users coming to your website.

The Counter.Com ( gives you daily in-depth traffic reports, with no fancy server-side scripts to install.


  • Very easy to configure and customise your own counter.
  • The counter also comes without an advertisement banner and could also be made invisible on the website.
  • Provides excellent analyis of hits- hits/day, hits/month, last 30 hits, hits coming from search engines, specification of browsers from which the hits are coming etc.


  • The Counter sometimes takes a long time to appear which increases the overall time for a webpage to download.
  • The Counter can only track the hits coming on to that page on which it is set up. It does not track the overall hits coming on to a website.

Adding a Guest Book

A guest book enables the users to add their feedback and comments to the site and at the same time the users can read what other visitors had to say about the site.

guestGear (
A simple to use guestbook with many interactive features to help you respond promptly to vistors signing up at your site.


  • The Guestbook is very easy to customise, in terms of information desired from the user.
  • Has the option of deleting, modifying comments left by the visitor.
  • An auto-reply facility exists to send a standard reply to visitors who have signed the guestbook.
  • The guestbook could be configured to send you an intimation, every time a user signs up.


  • An advertisment banner is displayed on the GuestBook

Adding a Link Checker

Bad links give a very bad impression of the website. Links become bad because their URL changes or the pages are no longer on the web. In any case, the link will then point to the intended resource. Such links need to be identified and then corrected or removed.

Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM) (
An easy to download and install package, Xenu quickly checks the internal and external links to a website. It then neatly classifies the links which are not working according to the pages on which they are found.


  • It can any number of links and does not have any upper limit.
  • It is very fast as it can check from 2- 100 links but for optimal result, do not increase the setting to more than 13.
  • It can check graphical links also.


  • Does not check links to gopher sites.

Adding a Search Engine

A search engine allows the website browser to easily locate information he/she is looking for.

Thunderstone Search Engine (
Thunderstone engine neatly lists the information based on keywords. It accepts boolean search based on "and" and "or".


  • The Thunderstone search engine creates an index file of the website which gets updated once a fortnight automatically. But the same could also be updated manually once a day.
  • The index file is maintained at the Thunderstone website and therefore does not uses server memory.


  • Can only be installed when the email address matches the domain name of the website.
  • he search engine can be used for websites with upto 5000 pages.

Hosting Web Site on WWW

The website created on your computer needs to be hosted on Web Space to be accessed by through the World Wide Web.

Tripod Web Server (
Tripod allows you to host your website on the WWW. A unique name (URL)will be issued using which the website can be viewed by anyone from any part of the world.


  • A website of upto 10 MB could be hosted on the Tripod Server.
  • Tripod allows graphic and non-graphical "FTP" (File Transfer Protocol) facility to enable remote uploading of new or modified files on WWW.
  • Very high uptime of the server so your website will be accessible most of the times.
  • Does not come with a banner on the same page.


  • The URL issued are long and will be of type, where xyz is the name of your choice.
  • Is not suggested for big websites or sites which have a potential to become huge in future.

Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registeration Domain name registeration allows your website to have domain name such as, or where xyz is the name of your choice. Customised domain names give a professional appeal to the website.

NameZero (
The site registers domain names of your choice. A link can then be made from your existing website so that it also appears on typing of the customised domain name.


  • The Domain name get registered in less than two days.
  • Very easy to register a domain name as minimal information is required for signing up.
  • The site offers customised email address based on the domain name of the website registed.


  • The site does not offer website hosting space. The actual website would therefore have to be hosted on some other server and a link has to be made to access the website by typing in the customised domain name.
  • A banner occupies the lower portion of the website.
  • It does not register country specific domain names such as or etc.

Web to Email Service

Web to email service allows users who only have connectivity to email to retrieve information from any public Web site, anywhere in the world.

Web-to-Email Service of Bellanet (
Web-to-Email servers are computers which fetch documents from the Web, and send them to the user as email messages, either in plain text or html. To use the system, simply send an email message addressed to Leave the subject line blank. In the body of the email message, type the URL (a Web address beginning with http://) of the Web page you want to read.


  • The service is very easy to use.
  • Is able to send the page back as an HTML attachment, which is designed to be read in a Web browser such as Lynx, Netscape, or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Handles FRAMES. When a requested document contains frames, www4mail inserts suitable links to each framed document.


  • It might take a bit too long to deliver the demanded webpage at certain times.

Language Translation Service

Adding Translation Services can make your site more friendly to net-surfers who find it more comfortable to browse webpages written in their native languages. Translation softwares are currently available for mostly western languages- English, French, German, Italina, Portugese and Spanish.

SystranLinks (
SystranLinks is a web-based tool and therefore does not require any software to download. It ensures that you get a feature-rich, scalable, and reliable translation service - without the investment and hassle of installing, operating, and supporting your own translation system.


  • Easy step-by-step instructions are available for previewing and installing SystranLinks on your website.
  • It allows the translated contents to be displayed online immediately.


  • Some of the customised translation services are not a part of the free feature.
  • The translation does not handle webpages with frames.
  • Some problems are observed in translating very huge webpages.

Multi-lingual Transliteration (Indian Languages)

There are hardly any softwares available for translation in Indian Languages except for Transliteration Softwares. Transliteration is a form of translation where the same text is translated in a different language based on phonetical rather than grammatical aspect. It implies that translation in different language would be in such a manner that the text will read out the same way as the original text. English transliteration to local languages implies that the text would be written in different languages but on being read- it would sound the same way as the text is spoken in English.

Ileap has transliteration features, plus it lets you exchange E-mail and Fax messages in Indian Languages, helps you in learning to type in Indian Languages and writing error free Multi-lingual documents, and publish documents in Indian Languages from your desktop. The languages supported include Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Bengali, Assamese, Punjabi and Nepali. Other Indian languages of perso-arabic family (Urdu, Sindhi & Kashmiri) are available on GIST Cards and Terminals only. Since this package is only an evaluation version for a limited time usage, you may also download its stripped down version LEAP-Lite for Windows which is available for free.


  • No need to have a separate keyboard to type in Indian Languages.
  • Really easy to use and one can also type using a mouse.
  • Transliteration happens instantaneously.


  • The free downloadable software is only an evaluation version for one month usage. Not all features are available in evaluation version.
  • The translation only happens for Indian Languages and somehow it seems that even English language cannot be transliterated to Indian languages which is a major drawback.
  • The server is very slow and it takes a long time to download the software.

Image "File Size" Shrinker

Image files on a website often are very heavy files in terms of bytes size. They increase the time it takes to download a webpage. Image "File Size" shrinker software reduces the bytes size of such file without compromising too much on the quality.

Spinwave Crunchers (
Spinwave is an excellent image-processing tool to optimize images of the extension names- JPEGs and GIFs to shrink file size, make the web site faster and save disk space.


  • Web - based Image Processing tool which implies no downloading of any software.
  • File size could be reduced by as much as 90% of the actual size.
  • One can simultaneously view and compare the original Image as it would look in different degrees of "file size" reduction.
  • Does not work for image types of extensions other than -JPEGs or GIFs.


  • The "Image File" loses considerable in terms of quality and clarity when it is reduced over 35% of its size.
  • Their is a price for the desktop version of the same Image processing tool - which could be installed on your machine.
  • Does not work on AOL browsers.

Text to Speech Software

Text to Voice sotware enables you to read out loud the text on the webscreen in different tones and accents. It is especially useful for people with visual difficulties.

Readplease (
ReadPlease on installation on your computer will read any text displayed on the screen. The text may come from your browser, e-mail, word processor, or spreadsheet - just about any Windows application. Read Please can read the text in the language in which the text is written. It worked with English, French and German at the time of testing.


  • The software is of 6.9 Mb size and can be freely downloaded.
  • Very easy to use- just copy and paste the text to be read on the ReadPlease screen.
  • The voice can be changed to that of a male voice or a female voice and in different accents. There is also an option of changing the pitch and pace at which the text is being read out.


  • The professional ReadPlease software with more advanced features comes at a Price.
  • File sizes of more than 16000 bytes cannot be read on the Free Version.
  • The free software comes only with a Western accent and voice.

Monitoring the Web Site

This Free service helps in monitoring the web site whenever it is down. It gives the alert message through e-mail. It beneficial for the people who have their home page hosted but do not know how frequently their server is up/down.

Web Site Monitor (
This is on line Web Monitoring Service provided by Netwhistle to Web Site Designers to educate them about the performance of their servers or the servers where they have hosted their web sites.


  • The service is free of cost.
  • The information about the server can be received on e-mail or pager.
  • It rules out the myth that the servers of the Web Space Provider never go down.


  • This is not a downloadable software but one has to register on their site. 
  • It gives only weekly reports.
  • The service is not very descriptive.

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