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 KnowNet Weaver is an online tool-kit to enable Communities, Non-Governmental Organisations and Individuals to host local knowledge on the Internet to catalyse the process of Knowledge Networking.

KnowNet Weaver enables you to create your own interactive websites, give it a domain name and host it on the World Wide Web (WWW) absolutely free-of-cost using freeware or shareware available on the internet. You do not have to look elsewhere for any other support to become a part of the information superhighway and reap the advantages of knowledge networking. Quite a few communities have developed their website through this toolkit and you could be one of them!



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Software for Webpage Designing

Putting a Hit Counter

Adding a Guest Book

Checking Links on the website

Adding a Search Engine

Webspace for website hosting

Registering a Domain Name

Web to email Service

Language Translation (Western Languages)

Multi-lingual Transliteration (Indian Languages) 

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Text to Voice Software

Monitoring the Website

For HUMAN help in answering any queries on these menu items, just write to and you will get an instant support of our KnowNet Remote Volunteers. 


You may also want to benefit from our online/email administered web-designing course TechKnow¨ at specifically designed to cater to the needs of individuals/ organisations working in the development sector. 

The course is supported by free Human Help by KnowNet Remote Volunteers.



KnowNet Weaver is one of the series of KnowNet Websites to catalyse Knowledge Networking for Human Development. The site is managed through KnowNet Initiative at 

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