Building the Virtual University


Reconfiguring the Campus
Session Chair: Tim W. Luke, Virginia Tech

Thursday 8:30
Roanoke Ballroom E/F

Lyle Barton
Building and Delivering Successful On-Line, Distributed and Web-Based Courses
Kent State University

Daniel Bell
Interaction in the Virtual University
Real Education

Lev S. Gonick
California Digital Summer School: Insights from the Dark Holes of Cyberspace
California State -Pomona


Best Practices - Humanities
Session Chair: Marc Zaldivar, Virginia Tech

Thursday 8:30
Roanoke Ballroom G/H

Valerie Gray Hardcastle
The Shape of On-line Dialogues
Virginia Tech

Len Hatfield
Karen Swenson
The Literature Initiative in Technology Project at Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech


Faculties & Innovation
Session Chair: Tim W. Luke, Virginia Tech

Thursday 10:30
Roanoke Ballroom E/F

Nancy Franklin
Building the Plane While We're Flying It: Learning How
to Meet Faculty Needs in Supporting Course Transformation
Indiana State University

Tim Franklin
Crossing Boundaries of Belief: The Self Reinforcing Characteristics of
Teaching and Technology in Serving the New Access Misson
Indiana State University



Re-inventing Outreach
Session Chair: Timothy P. Mack, Virginia Tech

Thursday 10:30
Roanoke Ballroom G/H

Lee R. Skabelund
The Community Design Assistance Center (CDAC) Online:
Helping Build Consensus and Improving Decision Making
CDAC, College of Architecture and Urban Studies, Virginia Tech

Robert Baker
Angela Schwer
Service Learning in the Virtual University
Fairmont State College

Elyzabeth Holford
David Taylor
Daniel Yates
ATECH -- Enriching the Learning Environment for Student Athletes
Virginia Tech (html)
   Powerpoint Presentation(pdf)


Best Practices - Sciences I
Session Chair: Joseph Merola, Virginia Tech

Thursday 2:00
Roanoke Ballroom E/F

Timothy P. Mack
Belinda S. Carroll
Development and Implementation of an On-Line Undergraduate Entomology Course for Distance Learners
Virginia Tech

David L. Tarnoff
Methods to Provide Physical Access to Equipment in the Virtual Laboratory
East Tennessee University


Best Practices - Social Sciences
Session Chair: Charles Taylor, Virginia Tech

Thursday 2:00
Roanoke Ballroom G/H

Sherri Smith
Andrea Benscoter
On Line Education in A Criminal Justice Program-A Team Concept
Florida Gulf Coast University

Velesta Jenkins
The Social Sciences at the Virtual University
Texas College

Henry Olsen
Teaching Introduction to Sociology Via a Traditional Lecture Delivery System
Versus a Distance Learning (Telecourse) Versus an Internet Format: Impact of
Mass Instruction on Adult Minority Learners
Medgar Evers College


Virtual Universities' Learners
Session Chair: Charles Taylor, Virginia Tech

Friday 8:30
Roanoke Ballroom E/F

Barry Adams
Preparing for the 21st-Century Learner
Apple Computer

Nora Gyuk
Developing Good Online Staff Development for Educators - The Possibilities and the Pitfalls
Association for Supervision and Curricular Development

Sheila L. Kunkle
Designing and Implementing a New Virtual College
Norwich University


Designing & Building
the Online Learning Environment
Session Chair: John Husser, Virginia Tech

Friday 8:30
Roanoke Ballroom G/H

Kathleen Burnett
Information Interaction Styles in Online Learning
Florida State University

Yoon-il Auh
A Design Guide for a Computer-mediated Learning Environment
Columbia University

Nancy Hunt
Using New Understandings of Learning to Design Effective Instruction
Lincoln University, New Zealand


Student Success
Session Chair: Ed Watson, Virginia Tech

Friday 10:30
Roanoke Ballroom E/F

Lanny Arvan
The SCALE Efficiency Projects
University of Illinois

C. David Taylor
ACCESS: Assessment of an Exploratory Asynchronous Learning Project
Virginia Tech


Session Chair: Len Hatfield, Virginia Tech

Friday 10:30
Roanoke Ballroom G/H

Carol Bailey
Learning, Writing Across the Curriculum, and the Web
Virginia Tech

Mary Lyn Hikel
Toward a New Auctoritas: Teaching Informational Discernment and Determining Reliability in Cyberspace
University of Washington

John Priestley
Chora X Conduction: Logics + Spaces of Hypertext
Virginia Tech


Best Practices - Business & Geography
Session Chair: Ed McPherson, Virginia Tech

Friday 2:00
Roanoke Ballroom E/F

Gerard Toal
Technoliteracy in Geography
Virginia Tech

Dorothy S. Gleckner
Business Communication on the Net
Bergen Community College


Best Practices - Sciences II
Session Chair: Sheila Kunkle, Norwich University

Friday 2:00
Roanoke Ballroom G/H

G. William Claus
Electrifying Introductory Microbiology at Virginia Tech: An Ongoing Metamorphosis
Virginia Tech

Joseph Merola
Using the Web to Make Large Chemistry Lecture Classes More Personal
Virginia Tech

Robert Olin
The Virginia Tech Math Emporium
Virginia Tech


Legality: Copyright & Pornography
Session Chair: Gail McMillan, Virginia Tech

Saturday 8:30
Roanoke Ballroom E/F

Kay Heidbreder
The Internet: Issues of Acceptable Use
Virginia Tech

James A. Haines
Beth Boyer Kollas
Rethinking Technology: The Challenge of Cyberpornography Access
on College & University Campuses & Its Role in Education
Bloomsburg University

Joel Thierstein
Be True to your School: Academic Fair Use of Copyrighted
Material in Net-Centered Scholarly Discourse
Baylor University


Changing Technologies & University Change
Session Chair: David Hatfield, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Saturday 8:30
Roanoke Ballroom G/H

Tim W. Luke
Digital Discourses, On-line Classes, Electronic Documents: Developing New University Technocultures
Virginia Tech

Fred Hurst
So You Want to Start a Virtual University?
Florida Public Postsecondary Distance Learning Institute

Matthew Pittinsky
Implementing IMS-Compliant Systems on Your Campus:
Blackboard's Update on the Educom Instructional Management Systems (IMS) Project.
Blackboard Inc.



Faculty Development
Session Chair: Sheila Kunkle, Norwich University

Saturday 10:30
Roanoke Ballroom E/F

John Moore
Creating an Advanced Learning Community: Virginia Tech's Faculty Development Institute
Virginia Tech

Len Hatfield
Tim W. Luke
The Virginia Tech Cyberschool Project
Virginia Tech

David L. Hatfield
Getting It Ready for Students: Developing On-Line Learning Opportunities with Instructors
Learning Innovations
University of Wisconsin - Madison


Best Practices - Arts
Session Chair: Sylvia DeSantis, Virginia Tech

Saturday 10:30
Roanoke Ballroom G/H

Donna Reiss
Musings in a Cybernetic Meadow: An Online Community Explores Technology and Art
Tidewater Community College

John Husser
Learning Analog Music, the Digital Way
Virginia Tech

Cathee Dennison
Marc Zaldivar
Portrait of an OWL
Virginia Tech


Labor Virtual and Otherwise
Session Chair: Marc Zaldivar, Virginia Tech

Saturday 2:00
Roanoke Ballroom E/F

Lawrence G. Flood
Real Work in a Virtual University
SUNY - Buffalo

Amar Almasude
The Instructor in the Virtual University
St. Francis University

Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
Academic Reality/Virtual Realpolitik: Recent Hiring Trends in New Media Studies
University of Virginia


Session Chair: Terry Wildman, Virginia Tech

Saturday 2:00
Roanoke Ballroom G/H

Brad Mehlenbacher
Taking Teaching Online to Task: Integrating Research, Pedagogy and Practice
North Carolina State University

Kriste Lindenmeyer
Making the Virtual Actual: H-Net and Other Practical Applications for Teaching and Learning in Cyberspace
Tennessee Technological University

Mark Laidler
Building Diasporas: Some Questions of Virtual Geography?
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology


Session Chair: Cathee Dennison, Virginia Tech

Sunday 8:30
Roanoke Ballroom E/F

Nancy Nordmann
Liberal Arts Instruction on the Internet: Aspects, Approaches and Apprehensions
National-Louis University

Tony Shannon
On-Line Education: Some Aspects of Access and Content
KvB Institute of Technology, Australia

Kay Vreeland
Teaching Graduate Students to Teach in Cyberspace
Kobe College, Japan


Reinventing University Structures
Session Chair: Tim W. Luke, Virginia Tech

Sunday 8:30
Roanoke Ballroom G/H

Tom Wilkinson
Developing a Holistic Approach to Distance Learning:
The Institute for Distance and Distributed Learning at Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech

Steve Eskow
The Idea of an Invisible College
Pangaea Network

Gail McMillan
Scholarly Communications Project: Online Library Resources and Services
Virginia Tech



Ending Plenary Session
Len Hatfield, Tim Luke, Virginia Tech

Sunday 10:30
Roanoke Ballroom C/D