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Bilingual tract in English and French, criticizing the announcement by the Civil Defense Letter Committee that appeared in the international edition of The New York Times on 30 December 1961, regarding fallout shelters and announcing the publication, by the European Committee for the Pursuit of Human Expansion, of the journal Mutant for Spring 1962. The tract has in actual fact been written by Guy Debord and Asger Jorn.

Spur #7, journal of the German section of the SI, Munich. Editor: Lothar Fischer.


10 to 11 Fourth session of the SI's Central Council, in Paris. Participants: Debord, Kotànyi, Kunzelmann, Lausen, Nash, Vaneigem (Elde is excused as absent).
Exclusions of Lothar Fischer, Dieter Kunzelmann, Renée Nele, Heimrad Prem, Gretel Stadler, Helmut Sturm and Hans-Peter Zimmer, German section.
Nicht Hinauslehnen (Don't Lean Out!), bilingual tract in German and French, illustrated by Gericault's Raft of Medusa, publicizing the exclusion of the 'Spurists,' signed on behalf of the SI's Central Council by Debord, Kotànyi, Lausen and Vaneigem, Paris.


15 Split by the 'Nashists' (Ansgar Elde, Steffan Larsson, Katja Lindell, Jørgen Nash and Hardy Strid of the Scandinavian section,) as well as Jacqueline de Jong of the Dutch section, announced by a tract backdated to 13 February 1962 and signed by de Jong, Nash and Elde.

18 Preparation of the Theses on the Paris Commune by Debord, Kotànyi and Vaneigem.

23 Proclamation from l'Internationale situationniste! tract in English, signed on behalf of the Central Council of the SI by Debord, Kotànyi, Lausen and Vaneigem all followers of Nash and Elde to be enemies of the SI and delegating J.V. Martin all powers to represent the SI in Scandinavia.

Le Livre de Caïn, French translation by Aanda Golem of Alexander Trocchi's novel, Cain's Book, Paris.


Internationale Situationniste #7. Central bulletin published by the sections of the Situationist International. Editor: G.-E. Debord. Editorial committee (Central Council of the SI): Debord, Kotànyi, Lausen, Vaneigem.


4 Kunzelmann, Prem, Sturm and Zimmer, responsible for the journal Spur, are given a five and a half month suspended sentence.


25 Déclaration sur le procès contre l'Internationale situationniste en Allemagne fédérale (Declaration on the Trial of the Situationist International in West Germany), tract signed by Michèle Bernstein (France), J.V. Martin (Denmark), Alexander Trocchi (Great Britain) and Raoul Vaneigem (Belgium), Paris.

New Disfigurations, exhibition of twenty-four paintings modified by Asger Jorn, with a text by Jacques Prévert (À Jorn [To Jorn]), Rive Gauche Gallery, Paris.

Reprint of the second issue of the journal Internationale Situationniste.


5 Uwe Lausen is incarcerated after being sentenced to three weeks in prison for — among other things — blaspheming 'the honor of God.'

16 Das Unbehagen in der Kultur (à propos de la condamnation du situationniste Uwe Lausen) (The Malaise in Culture: The Imprisonment of Uwe Lausen), tract in French signed on behalf of the SI by Debord and Vaneigem, Paris.


Situationistisk Revolution #1, bulletin of the Scandinavian section of the SI, Randers, Denmark. Editor: J.V. Martin.


In Munich, the Spurists' have their sentences reduced on appeal.

Poster announcing the Sixth Congress of the Situationist International in Anvers from 12 to 15 November 1962 (illustrated with a photo of Marilyn Monroe, who had committed suicide on 5 August).

12 to 16 Sixth Conference of the SI in Anvers. Participants: Michèle Bernstein, Guy Debord, Attila Kotànyi, Uwe Lausen, J.V. Martin, Jan Strijbosch, Raoul Vaneigem.
Suppression of the national sections: the SI is to be considered as a unified center with an equal level of theoretical and practical participation by all. The SI's practical work is divided into five geographical sections to constitute an anti-NATO.
Designation of a new Central Council composed of Bernstein, Debord, Kotànyi, Lausen, Martin, Strijbosch, Trocchi and Vaneigem.

J.V. Martin holds a conference at Århus University.

This chronology has been adapted and expanded from Jean-Jacques Raspaud and Jean-Pierre Voyer, L'Internationale Situationniste: Chronologie, bibliographie, protagonistes (avec un index des noms insulté) (Paris: Champ Libre, 1972); Christophe Bourseiller, Vie et mort de Guy Debord (Paris: Plon, 1999); and Guy Debord, Correspondance (volumes 1, 2 & 3) (Paris: Arthème Fayard, 1999 , 2001 & 2003).