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26 At the faculty of Nanterre, dean Grappin appeals to the police to reprimand a demonstration by anarchists and Enragés against the presence of plain-clothes police on campus. The police are chased off and cars are set alight.

29 En attendant la cybernétique, les flics (Waiting for Cybernetics, the Cops), fly-poster denouncing "Billy-club Grappin" by the Nanterre Enragés.


13 Chant de guerre des Polonais de Nanterre (The Polish War Song of Nanterre), song by the Nanterre Enragés to the tune of La Carmagnole and Ça ira.

14 À Nanterre comme ailleurs... (In Nanterre as Elsewhere ...), fly-poster comics by the Enragés.


19 A Gust of Wind through the Japanese Apple Tree, tract by the Enragés against the "meta-Stalinist" Henri Lefebvre.


The Power of Negative Thinking – or – Robin Hood Rides Again, booklet by Robert Chasse, New York.

The Question of Organization for the SI, also known as The April Theses, notes by Guy Debord.


6 Gut Rage!, tract by the Enragés.

10 The Castle is Burning! Address to the Council of the University of Paris, tract by René Riesel.
The situationists participate in the night of the barricades in the rue Gay-Lussac.

14 Constitution of the Enragés-Situationist International Committee in the Occupied Sorbonne.

15 Minimum Definition of Revolutionary Organizations, tract by the Enragés-Situationist International Committee.
The Enragés-Situationist International Committee adds its support and participates in the Sorbonne Occupation Committee.
De l'I.S. Paris aux membres de l'I.S., aux camarades qui se declarés en accord avec nos thèses (From the SI in Paris to the Members of the SI and the Comrades who have Declared Themselves in Accord with our Theses), circular by Guy Debord, Mustapha Khayati, Raoul Vaneigem and René Viénet.

16 At 3.30pm, the Sorbonne Occupation Committee "calls for the immediate occupation of every factory in France and the formation of workers councils."
Vigilance!, tract by the Sorbonne Occupation Committee, 4.30pm.
Watch Out!, tract by the Occupation Committee of the Popular and Autonomous Sorbonne University, 6.30pm.
Slogans to be Spread Now by Every Means, tract by the Occupation Committee of the Popular and Autonomous Sorbonne University, 7pm.
Situationist International Circular, Paris, 10.30pm.

17 Constitution of the Council for Maintaining the Occupations (CMDO), composed of a dozen situationists and Enragés as well as workers, a dozen high-school and university students, and a dozen other councilists without any particular allegiances.

19 Report on the Occupation of the Sorbonne, CMDO tract.

22 Power to the Workers Councils, CMDO tract.

The CMDO publishes six posters: Down with the Spectacle-Commodity Society; Abolition of Class Society; Occupation of the Factories; End of the University; Power to the Workers Councils; What Can the Revolutionary Movement Do Now? Everything. What Does It Become in the Hands of the Parties and the Unions? Nothing. What Does the Movement Want? The Realization of a Classless Society through the Power of the Workers Councils.

30 Address to All Workers, tract signed by the Enragés-Situationist International Committee and the Council for Maintaining the Occupations.


8 It's Not Over!, CMDO tract..

15 The CMDO dissolves itself.

The situationists and most compromised students go into exile in Belgium.

Asger Jorn completes four posters in homage to May 68: Long Live the Passionate Revolution of Creative Intelligence; Smash the Frame that Stifles the Image; Support the Students Who Should Study and Learn Freely; No Power of Imagination Without Powerful Images.


26 In Brussels, the situationists finish work on Enragés and Situationists in the Occupations Movement.


The Newest School Buildings are Indistinguishable from the Newest Prisons or the Newest Industrial Complexes, tract by the American section of the SI, New York.

Reply to Murray Bookchin Concerning His Theories of the Recent French 'Revolution', tract by the American section of the SI, New York.

An Open Letter to Radical Action Cooperative, Students for a Democratic Society, Students, Faculty, Others Engaged by University Life, tract by the American section of the SI, New York.


28 Publication of Enragés and Situationists in the Occupations Movement, signed by René Viénet, Gallimard, Paris.


Situationistisk Revolution #2, bulletin of the Scandinavian section of the SI, Randers, Denmark. Editor: JV Martin.


The Great Late Show of Opposition, tract by the American section of the SI, New York.

This chronology has been adapted and expanded from Jean-Jacques Raspaud and Jean-Pierre Voyer, L'Internationale Situationniste: Chronologie, bibliographie, protagonistes (avec un index des noms insulté) (Paris: Champ Libre, 1972); Christophe Bourseiller, Vie et mort de Guy Debord (Paris: Plon, 1999); and Guy Debord, Correspondance (volumes 1, 2 & 3) (Paris: Arthème Fayard, 1999, 2001 & 2003).