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Council for the Liberation of Daily Life

Situationist International #1 (June 1969)

THE COUNCIL CAME into existence in the fall of 1967. At that time it published Hall of Mirrors, a collection of three texts on the poverty of daily life and the urban insurrections of the previous summer, which was distributed with the situationist text, The Decline and Fall of the Spectacular Commodity Economy.

The winter was spent in preparation of Robert Chasse's booklet, The Power of Negative Thinking — or — Robin Hood Rides Again, which was published in April 1968 (the S.I. will continue its distribution). During May and June the Council worked closely with the S.I. in relation to the events in France. In September the Council published the leaflet, "The Newest School Buildings are Indistinguishable from the Newest Prisons or the Newest Industrial Complexes" (abbreviated versions were published in the British publications, Anarchy and Solidarity); a "Reply to Murray Bookchin Concerning His Theories on the Recent French 'Revolution'" (in a section devoted to the SI, in the British publication, Hapt reprinted this and panels from the situationist comics referred to below); and "An Open Letter to Radical Action Co-operative, Students for a Democratic Society, Students, Faculty, Others Engaged by University Life." These, eventually, were also mailed out with the comics, "The Great Late Show of Opposition," and a cover letter (December 1968) announcing that after a year's existence as a separate organization, the Council considered its practice and theory corresponding to those of the Situationist International, and accordingly dissolved.