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Some of the Graffiti

Situationist International #1 (June 1969)

In the decor of the show, the eye meets only things and their prices.

And meanwhile, everybody wants to breathe and nobody can and many say, "we will breathe later:' And most of them don't die because they are already dead.

Man is neither the good savage according to Rousseau, nor the pervert according to the Church. He is violent when oppressed, he is gentle when he is free.

It's not man, it's the world which is abnormal (Artaud) .

No replastering, the structure is rotten.

Masochism today takes the form of reformism.

Reform my ass.

Reservations imposed on pleasure excite the pleasure of living without reservations.

When the last sociologist is hanged with the guts of the last bureaucrat, will we still have problems?

Be cruel.

Rape your Alma Mater.

Forget everything you've been taught. Start by dream.

Down with the toad of Nazareth.

The most beautiful sculpture is a paving-stone thrown at a cop's head.

Under the paving-stones, it's the beach.

Art is an academic headache.

The trade unions are whorehouses.

It is painful to submit to our bosses, it is even more stupid to choose them.

Let's not change bosses. Let's change life.

Don't liberate me, I'll take care of that.

We'll ask nothing; we'll take, occupy.

Millionaires of all countries unite, the wind is turning.

No freedom for the enemies of freedom.

Put a cop in your tank.

I love you!! Oh, say it with paving stones!!!

Chance must be systematically explored.

Action must not be a reaction, but a creation.

We will have a good master a soon as everybody is his own.

Revolution ceases to be as soon a it is necessary to be sacrificed to it.

Embrace your love without dropping your guard.

Freedom is the crime that containsa an crimes. It is our absolute weapon.

All power to the workers council (an enragé).

All power to the councils of the enraged (a worker).