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internationale situationniste #1

central bulletin published by the sections of the situationist international

June 1958

Director: G.-E. Debord
Editorial Committee: Mohamed Dahou, Giuseppe Pinot Gallizio, Maurice Wyckaert
Mail: 32, rue de la Montagne-Geneviève, Paris 5e

Editorial Notes:

The Bitter Victory of Surrealism

The Sound and the Fury

Freedom to Read, but to Read What?

The Struggle for the Control of the New Techniques of Conditioning

In and Against Cinema

Contribution to a Situationist Definition of Play

Preliminary Problems in Constructing a Situation


Formulary for a New Urbanism - Chtcheglov

Theses on Cultural Revolution - Debord

The Situationists and Automation - Jorn

No Useless Leniency excerpt - Bernstein

News of the International

Publications for Situationist Agitation

The Second SI Conference

Venice has Vanquished Ralph Rumney

Action in Belgium Against the International Assembly of Art Critics

A Civil War In France

As a rule, this bulletin is edited collectively. The various articles written and signed individually must also be considered of interest to all of our comrades, and as particular points of their common research. We are opposed to the survival of such forms as the literary review or art journal.

All texts published in Internationale Situationniste may be freely reproduced, translated and adapted, even without indication of origin.


Talent wanted for getting out of this and playing
No special qualifications
Whether you're beautiful or you're bright
History could be on your side
No telephone. Write or turn up:
32, rue de la Montagne-Geneviève, Paris 5e.