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internationale situationniste #8

central bulletin published by the sections of the situationist international

January 1963

Director: G.-E. Debord
Mail: B.P. 75-06 Paris
This bulletin is edited by the Central Council of the SI: Bernstein, Debord, Kotányi, Lausen, Martin, Strijbosch, Trocchi, Vaneigem.

All texts published in Internationale Situationniste may be freely reproduced, translated or adapted, even without indication of origin.

Editorial Notes:

Ideologies, Classes, and the Domination of Nature

The Avant-Garde of Presence

The Counter-Situationist Campaign in Various Countries excerpt

All the King’s Men

Basic Banalities (part 2) - Vaneigem

A Revolutionary Proposal: Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds - Trocchi

Introduction to Situationistisk Revolution - Martin

Repetition and Novelty in the Constructed Situation - Lausen

Situationist International Anti-Public Relations Notice

Selected Rumors