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internationale situationniste #9

August 1964

Director: Debord
Mail: B.P. 75-06 Paris
Editorial Committee: Michèle Bernstein, J.V. Martin, Jan Strijbosch, Raoul Vaneigem.

All texts published in Internationale Situationniste may be freely reproduced, translated or adapted, even without indication of origin.

Now, the SI

The World of Which We Speak:

The Technology of Isolation

Words and Those Who Use Them

Leisure is Working

Absence and its Costumers

Urbanism as Will and Representation

Reflections on Violence

Choice Between Available Models of Revolution

The Last Show: The Priests Open Their Big Mouths

Critique in Shreds

Sketch of a Morality Without Obligation or Sanction

"I Must Admit that Everything Continues" (Hegel)


The Longest Months

Letters from Afar - Chtcheglov

Response to a Questionnaire from the Center for Socio-Experimental Art