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Jon Horelick & Tony Verlaan

3 Febuary 1971


We must announce the end of a crisis within the SI over the last twelve months, a crisis that led to our formulation of a tendency, and to several others in consequence of this formulation, and which terminated in some definitive separations. It would be futile to attempt to make a résumé of our position, because it takes the whole of situationist activity into account during this period. We can affirm now our break with the Parisian tendency — Riesel, Viénet, and Debord — on the basis of several theoretical and practical criteria encompassing, among other things, controversially, two exclusions which are, for us, definitively unjust.

We have already made the entire correspondence involved in this crisis available at the Institute in Amsterdam (The International Institute of Social History, 266 Herrengracht) upon request to us.

We continue our revolutionary activity under the name of the Situationist International at a stage in the revolutionary class struggle in which we believe everybody will have to prove not only their fundamental accord, but their most crucial and creative capacities to shock this world. We are no longer interested in proliferating a minimum definition, but the most brilliant practical rapports in maximum achievement.

Comrades, let's go!!!