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Taking Out the Intellectual Trash

Potlatch #30 (15 July 1959)

Translated by Reuben Keehan

Copy of our communication by telegram, at the beginning of February 1959, with Hans Platschek, signatory one year ago to the first German situationist manifesto, and since then a collaborator with a dadaist-royalist revue in Basel (Switzerland):

The SI to Platschek: "After your second offense in Panderma, the Situationist International considers you a definite cretin. Go off and court Hantaï."

Platschek to the SI: "We must eradicate the Parisian gossip mongers whose controlling spirit has infected the revolutionary intellectuals. Their royal we is detestable."

The SI to Platschek: "The individualist Platschek is too kind. One is a revolutionary intellectual if one does not control. But control has been far too easy. It's over. The 'I' without 'We' falls back into the prefabricated mass."

It should be pointed out that Platschek's passing is only the sixth case of exclusion since the formation of the SI.