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Still. Collette and Nathan had broken up so many times that she wasn’t content to let Nathan go without a fight.  More times than Catherine could count, Collette showed up between 10 at night and 10 the next morning, banging on Nathan’s door.  Catherine had to hide still beneath his comforter a couple of times, when Nathan had forgotten to close the blinds.  Collette continued to pound out the anger she felt through her fists, sometimes with the heel of her shoe.  Catherine found the red heel of Collette’s stiletto sitting outside the front door on her way to class.  She wondered if Collette knew about their relationship, or about her specifically.  Nathan said Collette knew that something was going on, but would probably never suspect him taking up with an undergraduate.  She was convinced he’d gone with another grad student.  So for that reason and for many more left silent, when Nathan whispered to Catherine under the covers, “Dein liebe für mich ist verboten;” they both held back their laughter, until Collette had disappeared completely.

Catherine and Nathan            at Nine Months