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So I guess Tommy's not really a baby anymore, which is why he joined, to prove us all wrong, to show that he was the toughest.   You know, Bill and I used to tease him before he left for Iraq, making comments about, "baby Tommy, going to play in the sand box;" honestly, we didn't mean anything by it.   Nothing bad anyway, I swear.  I think we just hoped he wouldn't go.  Plus, I think the joking, somehow made it seem more bearable, less real.   Looking back now, I think Baby Tommy joined the army to fight a war, prove us all wrong, to show everyone that he was the toughest of us three.  Some things just aren't possible though.  Anyway that was us back then, Alex, Bill, and Tommy born in that order, just like that.   We were the Turner brothers, not so much now.   Ever since Tommy joined the army, while he found himself, we lost each other.

Tommy the Truck