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Yours Truly

10 The death of Jason Lanning and Kurt Anaka was actually a murder. Jason Lanning's father, among others, has charged foul play in the deaths of the two football players. If that is so, we might look for a motive. Annabelle -- Annabelle would have had no motive to get rid of the boys.  She stood to make money if they lived to court Kimberly and Nikki.  Joe -- Joe said he wanted Annabelle to stay in business; murder and mayhem don't fit the bill, here. Still, it worked out that Annabelle was driven away, and Joe has the shop. It seems like an extreme M.O. Other football players -- I could find no leads to indicate that team rivalry or game-fixing played a part in this. But new evidence may appear. Nikki or Kimberly -- no evidence whatever.