Joe Poole

Joe, Louise's husband and owner of the Cheez Pleez Hickory Smoked Products Shop: 

"Now she was a very pretty little lady. I find it hard to believe that anything like they say was going on over there. " 

"I bought the cheese store when I retired early--with our nest egg. Louise never did think a franchise was a good idea--I'm glad to say she was wrong,"

"This place has been a gold mine." 

"You know, our store isn't at the best location in the mall--it's at the very end of the promenade--right by the parking lot--and it's darker than it should be. We had a hard time making a go of it for the first few years when the draw across from us was a yardage shop and then a Buster Brown shoe store. Just us and the Liberace muzak. But when Annabelle came, we started selling sandwiches or cheese-and-cracker trays to the kids. We do real well." 

"'Nothing in the windows--nothing in the store but a few chairs and her computers,' Louise would say. 'She won't make it.' But I knew right off.  It's better than the stock market, I said." 

"We are making a killing off these kids." 

"She could have had a decent business selling lingerie, too." 

"Scam? No, she just left town in a hurry. I'll find her."






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