Hark! The Mystery Looms

Funny papers
This is the forbidden dream of Hattie Malloy, privateer enchantress of the Outland Sea, stunning red-haired progeny of an unsanctioned meme run by the Q team at Disney. The project was crashed. All the cels were locked down in the vault with Walt. Your chances of connecting to this dream are about one in the Sahara Desert. Your odds of bringing any of it back it are, well, forget it. We could get in a lot of trouble for this.

Hattie's flawless legs bestride the briny deck. The breeze tosses her oxblood tresses into preraphaelite curlicues. Her tattoos ripple intriguingly. From various secret places on her person wafts a more-than-human funk.

"Hold that mirror lower," the witch commands.