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These fanciful Writings incorporate what may have been intended as a collection of exemplary tales or fables about the personal lives of historical or semi-historical figures.

The familiar sobriquet "Romantic Impulse" Writings derives from the imputed tender heart of their unidentified Author, who treats their protagonists with affection as well as respect, apparently in an effort to "bring them to life" for his (or her?) readers. It has been proposed with some success that these Writings were intended for young persons, perhaps even children.

{The Exquisite Suzu} is unique, in that its heroine's name appears nowhere else in the archives. Although some have identified Suzu with The Voice from the Locust Grove, the evidence for this ascription is disputed.

{The Starling} may indeed, as is commonly believed, portray the "nurse" described in the problematic {Historian's Notebook} — the young female who tended the Historian at the beginning of his sojourn with the Remnant (if his rescuers can be so identified).

The very brief Writing {Markito Scriptor} was apparently intended to tell how Markito came to be the first Curator of the archives in historical times; he may in fact have done no more than help his master Egderus collect and organize the artifacts that were long afterwards discovered by the Scholar. It has been plausibly argued, however, that Markito may have been responsible for far more than this...