Either this world is the world or this world is not the world and no one knows. No one knows either this world or the world that is not the world. Either this mask is this skin is the world or it's not. No one knows. And so how do we live? Either we live for this moment in this world or we don't. If this world is a mask and there is another world then how do we live? Is it a task? Is it one movement in a larger composition? Either this world is the world or there is a power like light and love humming under our skin that is something more than this world than us. This is what you live with, this question. When you extend your hand so that the tips of your fingers touch the skin of a man's face are you the hand of God are you a piece of light becoming the movement of light through time are you a piece of God doing God's bidding are you becoming God in the reach of your hand making that connection––or are you an animal doing what animals do? Or are they the same thing? When you die will your body rot and become the body of the world which in time will rot and in time return to the nothing from which we all spring as animals as this world? Or will you go on? There are many who believe we go on. When you touch a man's face these questions are the movement of your fingers on his skin. When your mouth touches his mouth and your body touches his body, wind roars in the crowns of trees and sky goes slate blue with your power.