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Events and Conferences                                                                   Last Update: December 2003


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The role of science in the information society

8-9 December 2003, Geneva

The conference aims at reviewing the prospects that present developments in science and technology offer for the future of the Information Society, especially in education, environment, health, and economic development. This event will bring together scientists, policy makers and stakeholders from around the world to reflect on these issues. It will be the culmination of a series of more focused science activities relating to the Information Society that are being planned in the run-up to WSIS, to be held 10-12 December in Geneva.



Monitoring the Information Society: Data, Measurement and Methods

8-9 December 2003, Geneva

Statistical workshop in conjunction with the World Summit on Information Society organized by: UNECE, UNCTAD, ITU, UNESCO Inst. of Statistics, OECD, Eurostat



World Electronic Media Forum

9-11 December 2003, Geneva

The WEMF will present the hopes and concerns of media leaders in Geneva, interacting live with listeners and viewers from different environments around  the globe. Five major sessions over two days will explore the present and future opportunities of media in the Information Society, with particular reference to the key role of media and television, universal access to information, freedom of expression, cultural diversity, economic development, social cohesion and education.



World Summit on the Information Society

10-12 December 2003, Geneva

The summit will be held in 2003, under ITU's leadership and in close cooperation with other interested United Nations Agencies. The aim of the Summit is to develop a common vision and understanding of the information society and to draw up a strategic plan of action for concerted development towards realizing this vision. The Summit will also seek to define an agenda covering the objectives to be achieved and resources to be mobilized.  



Women in the Digital Era: Challenges and Opportunities (WIT 2003)

10-13 December 2003, Tamil Nadu, India

The role of woman in societies, ranging from the primitive hunter gathering communities, to the ancient agrarian societies, to the early industrial society and the modern industrial society, has been a subordinate one. For one reason or the other, women have never got a level playing field both to realize their potential as well as to get their due for their collective contributions. Will the new ICT revolution that is ushering in the digital era change all that? Does the technology of the Digital Era have in it the critical characteristics needed to provide women, equal or better opportunities to participate in the mainstream activities and provide solutions to many of the current social, cultural and technological bottlenecks being faced by women of our society? This international conference - Women in IT (WIT-2003) is being organised in an attempt to find answers to these questions.



Idlelo: The First African Conference on the Digital Commons

12-16 January 2004, Cape Town, South Africa

The conference will address the challenges and opportunities of the creation and use of free / open source software and open content and their development potential for Africa. The conference has both strategic and practical objectives, bringing together participants from government, education, business and civil society together with the developer community.


The 3rd International Conference on Information Technology and Economic Development
4-5 March 2004, Accra International Conference Center, Ghana

The three-day conference will explore how information and communications technologies may be employed to promote economic development. The 4 tracks will be Harnessing ICT for Development, National Strategies for ICT Policy Development, Africa and ICT Market Development and ICT for National, Regional and International Networking for Development.



The 3rd International Conference on Information Technology and Economic Development

3-5 March 2004, United Nations Economic Commission For Africa, Int'l Agency For Economic Development, UNESCO, Kenya, The Electronic Community, Accra, Ghana

The three-day conference will explore how information and communications technologies may be employed to promote economic development.  Conference activities will include, panel discussions, keynotes, roundtables, workshops, exhibits of best practices, models, lessons learned etc.



The Impact of ICT in Agriculture, Food and Environment

18-20 March 2004, Greece

HAICTA will have its 2nd Pan-Hellenic with international participation, 2days Conference (5-6 February 2004), in Thessaloniki. The conference is an effort of HAICTA to bring together Agriculture and ICT professionals. This conference offers an opportunity to exchange ideas, opinions and experiences in applications and developments in the use of ICT in Agriculture, Food and Environment.
The conference will have sessions in English. Contributions from various countries will allow a broadened perspective for all attending.



World Congress on IT 2004 (WCIT 2004)
19-24 May 2004, Athens Greece

The World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT), is a biennial meeting attracting leading ICT (Information and Communication Technology) professionals, top corporate executives, distinguished academic professors and researchers, government ministers and policy makers from all over the world, whose interaction and decisions shape the future of the ICT world.


4th International Conference of Asian Federation of Information Technology in Agriculture and 2nd World Congress on Computers in Agriculture and Natural Resources
9 -12 August 2004, Thailand

First, the information communication technology such as the Internet that is now dynamically changing our life style and social consciousness, will provide us a best tool for the information sharing and mutual communication. Second, we should not forget the possible contribution of information science to effective and stable production by several models such as crop growth prediction and decision support. Thus, the importance of the studies on agroinformatics is undoubtedly increasing.





Forum on ICTs & Gender: Optimizing Opportunities

20-23 August 2003, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The purpose is to foster a greater appreciation of the gender-related barriers that exist in developing and developed countries, to develop an understanding of why women need access to ICTs, and to discuss strategies for overcoming these barriers. This will translate into policies that support womenās access to ICTs and successful networking to enhance womenās participation in the information economy, especially in the developing world.



Indicators workshop on community access to ICTs

25-27 August 2003, Mexico City

The objective of the workshop is to address the request made to the BDT to discuss the subject of "Indicators on community access to ICTs". The topic is of great relevance and the workshop will discuss and identify criteria to be taken into consideration with regard to the formulation of these indicators.


World Information Technology Forum - WITFOR

27-29 August 2003, Vilnius, Lithuania

The topic of WITFOR is ICT-equity. The target of WITFOR is to hold a round table of politicians and senior officials responsible for information development from both developing and developed countries, representatives of non-governmental organizations, and representatives of inter-governmental organizations, experts.  The goal of WITFOR is to prepare and help implement information development strategies and projects in developing countries.



Expert Meeting on Measuring Electronic Commerce as an Instrument for the Development of the Digital Economy

8ö10 September 2003, UNCTAD, Geneva

The Expert Meeting on Measuring Electronic Commerce will bring together representatives from national statistical offices, international organizations and other institutes involved in information society measurements. The meeting provides a framework for introducing developing countries« views into the existing debates and initiatives on e-statistics; identifying key indicators on ICT usage; and exploring the need for future work to establish an international database on ICT usage and e-business.



Transforming and sustaining inclusive development communities: an evidence-based approach

19 September 2003, De Rode Hoed, Amsterdam

The workshop is organized by practitioners with a professional interest in online communities in the development field. During the workshop, case studies of development communities will be presented, together with a consideration of the technological issues affecting these communities. We encourage the participation of researchers in the wider area of online communities so that we can profit from their research experience and approaches.



The 31st Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy
19-21 September 2003, Center for Technology and Law, George Mason University Law School, Virginia.

TPRC hosts this annual forum for dialogue among scholars and decision-makers from the public and private sectors engaged in communication and information policy. The purpose of the conference is to acquaint policymakers with the best of recent research and to familiarize researchers with the knowledge needs of policymakers and industry.



3rd International Symposium on Digital Earth

21-25 September 2003, Czech Republic

The 3rd International Symposium on Digital Earth deals with: Earth observation and processing technologies for Digital Earth, the meaning of sustainability and policy of its formulation, delivery, monitoring and evaluation in the conditions of the Information Society. Other important parts of the symposium are the Global Society Dialogue as well as e-government, e-governance and e-parliament as accompanying factors of a networked knowledge society. There are also topics linked with delivery of services to citizens and digital cities, communities and localities.



Information and Communication Technologies in Education in the South: Beyond Futurological Prophecies and Critical Dystopias

2-3 October 2003, Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, University of Bergen, Norway

The Norwegian Network on ICT and Developmentās annual workshop will combine keynote addresses with presentation of papers and round table discussions.


Public Administration and Globalization: Challenges, Opportunities and Options (Session on Globalization and Information Technology)

5-10 October, New Delhi, India

Information technology may enable people to access more information that could be valuable in their decision making process. Information and communication technology can open new doors for developing countries, giving them the capacity to cope with the demands of the global community. It can help the government improve its methods of operation in providing public services. Public administration must also analyze the downside of ICT such as aggravating the digital divide and over dependence in technology



HELINA 2003 Conference: ICTs in the Fight against HIV/ AIDS in Africa

12-15 October 2003, Johannesburg, South Africa

The conference aims to bring expert clinicians and researchers in HIV/AIDS together with regional and international experts in health informatics in a unique forum. The goal of this meeting is to introduce all participants to the broad range of issues of mutual concern facing those who develop and manage HIV/AIDS interventions, and the potential for information and communication technologies to further these aims.


World Knowledge Forum
14-17 October 2003, Seoul

The international conference, to be held October 14-17, 2003 under the theme "Creating a New World Order and Economy", will convene top opinion leaders from the worldās political, business, academic, and media arenas, provoking discussion of the best strategies for weathering economic and political turmoil and providing penetrating glimpses of the best ways forward.


Asian Forum on Information and Communication Technology Policies and Strategies

20-22 October 2003,  Kuala Lumpur

UNDP-APDIP (, in collaboration with the UN ICT Task Force and the Ministry of Energy, Communications and Multimedia, Malaysia ( is organizing an Asian Forum on ICT Policies and Strategies to provide Asian countries an opportunity to share information on what works and what does not work, and to benefit from each others knowledge and experiences. The Forum is co-sponsored by the Government of Japan through its generous contribution to the UNDP's Information Communication Technology for Development Thematic Trust Fund.


Developing Countries Access to Scientific Knowledge-Quantifying the Digital Divide

23-24 October 2003, Trieste, Italy

This is an open round table among scientists, librarians, decision-makers, journalists, electronic publishers, contents providers, information and communication technology experts, donors and non-profit organizations working on the dissemination of science and the transfer of knowledge and (open source) technology towards developing countries.
3-7 November 2003, Mexico City, Mexico

The workshop will examine three primary facets of new ICTs and e-government: 1) The most common, generic difficulties with the development of e-government in the world; 2) The response of the emerging ICTs to these specific difficulties; and 3) The future of ICT and where the trends are going to bring us 10 - 20 years from now.


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