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Knowledge incubates in the Human Mind and when applied innovatively becomes a factor of growth and development.


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Development-Gender network


The Development-Gender network aims to bridge the divide between researchers, practitioners and academics working in and around development and gender issues.   This email forum fosters more efficient networking and dissemination of new and current research areas. It also provides a platform for informal dialogue and debate, conference publicity,   and advertisements for jobs, courses and training opportunities.


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DigAfrica analyses, informs and updates on Internet activities and progress in Africa as-they-unfold. 


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Contact Name : Yassin J.A. Akerabi

Electronic Governance

Electronic government or e-Gov is changing the way governments interact with the public and conduct the business of governing.   This Group is focused on discussing the continuing move towards e-Government.  


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Creative-Radio is a forum for people active or interested in using radio creatively in   international public health, development and related fields.


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DIGITALDIVIDE is a moderated discussion in which people can discuss the wide range of issues related to bridging the digital divide. Community activists, educators, researchers, representatives of commercial and nonprofit enterprises, volunteers, students and concerned citizens are all encouraged to take part in this online discussion. The list is moderated by Andy Carvin, Senior Associate, Benton Foundation

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wg94-l mailing list
The aim of the list is to collect, exchange and disseminate experiences of developing countries; to develop a consciousness amongst professionals, policy makers and public on social implications of computers in developing nations; to develop criteria, methods, and guidelines for design and implementation of culturally adapted information systems; and to create a greater interest in professionals from industrialized countries to focus on issues of special relevance to developing countries through joint activities with other Technical Committees.

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Community Informatics
Community Informatics is the application of information and communications technologies to enable community processes and the achievement of community objectives. The list is hosted by Dr. Michael Gurstein of the Technical University of British Columbia and a Board Member of the Vancouver Community Network who have generously offered technical support and hosting for

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Global Knowledge Development
The discussion examines the impediments to harnessing knowledge and information as tools for development at local, national, and global levels.

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Information and Communications in development list
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This list aims to campaign for the use of community radio as a means of non-profit, low-cost and pro-development communications in India and the other countries of South Asia.

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The list is a discussion and mailing list for all visual handicapped, their needs and problems related to the use of computers and software.

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Technology and Society Electronic Mailing List
The list is operated by the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) for the purpose of enabling timely announcements and discussion of issues falling within the scope of SSIT.

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