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This directory provides links to web-based situationist-related resources in a number of languages. Needless to say, it is intended merely as a guide and no guarantee is given for the quality of the information these links may contain. Due to the fluctuating nature of the internet as a medium, every effort is made to keep this page up to date. If anything is overlooked or appears in error, please do not hesitate to contact Situationist International Online.

Against Sleep and Nightmare

Archivio 68-77 (Italiano)

Archivo Situacionista Hispano (Castellano)

Archiwa Przyszlosci (Polski)

Arquivo Situacionista Brasileiro (Portugês)

A Sociedade Do Espectáculo (Portugês)


Biblioteca Virtual Revolucionária (Portugês)

Bureau of Public Secrets

Class Against Class

Creativi (Italiano)

Debord(el) of... (Castellano, English, Français)

Debordiana (Castellano, Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano Nederlands, Portugês, Svenska)

Deutchsprachige Übersetzungen von Situationistischen Texten (Deutsche)

For Communism – John Gray Web Site

Guy Debord et l'Internationale situationniste

Guy Debord och Situationistiska Internationalen (Svenska)

Guy Debord: Skådespelsamhället (Svenska)


International Psychogeographic Magazine

Inventory of Internationale Situationniste Ephemera 1947 - 1975

Kaldron Lettriste Pages

Les Amis de Némésis (Français)

Le fin mot de l'Histoire (Français)

Midnight of the Century (Russkij)

mital-U (Deutsche, English)

Monocular Times


Offbeat Cobra

Os Conselhos Operários (Portugês)

Paris 1968 Posters

Point Blank

Propaganda (Ellhnika)

The Red Thread

Sandro Ricaldone Webpage (Italiano)

SI Startseite (Deutsche)

Siberian Labor Confederation Electronic Library (Russkij)

Situationist Bibliography

A Situationist Bibliography

Situationist International Archives (English, Français)

Situationist International: Art Files Project

Situationistiska Internationalen (Svenska)

Sous les pavés, enfin la page? (Français)

Spectacular Times


Twokmi Kimali (Deutsche)

Union of the Negative (Ellhnika)

Votre révolution n'est pas la mienne