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Report on the Construction of Situations and on the International Situationist Tendency’s Conditions of Organization and Action - Debord

One More Try if You Want to be Situationists (The S.I. in and against Decomposition) - Debord


Internationale Situationniste 1

In Praise of Pinot-Gallizio - Bernstein

Internationale Situationniste 2


Détourned Painting - Jorn

Potlatch 30

On the Passage of a Few Persons Through a Rather Brief Period of Time - Debord

Internationale Situationniste 3 (complete issue)


Internationale Situationniste 4

Preliminaries Toward Defining a Unitary Revolutionary Program

Hands Off Alexander Trocchi! - Debord, de Jong & Jorn

The Long Voyage - Bernstein

Internationale Situationniste 5


The Avant-Garde is Undesirable

Internationale Situationniste 6 (complete issue)

For a Revolutionary Judgment of Art - Debord

Critique of Separation - Debord


Theses on the Paris Commune - Debord, Kotányi & Vaneigem

Internationale Situationniste 7

European Critique of an Inadequate Program - Debord & Jorn


Internationale Situationniste 8

Der Deutsche Gedanke 1

The Situationists and the New Forms of Action in Politics and Art - Debord

sigma - A Tactical Blueprint - Trocchi


Internationale Situationniste 9

The Situationist International - Bernstein


In Short

The Class Struggles in Algeria - Khayati

Address to Revolutionaries of Algeria and of All Countries - Khayati

The Decline and Fall of the Spectacle-Commodity Economy - Debord


Internationale Situationniste 10

On the Poverty of Student Life (also Of Student Poverty) - Khayati

The Explosion Point of Ideology in China


The Revolution of Modern Art and the Modern Art of Revolution - Clark, Gray, Nicholson-Smith & Radcliffe

Translator's Preface to Harold Isaac's The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution - Viénet

Internationale Situationniste 11

Society of the Spectacle (1977 translation) - Debord

The Society of the Spectacle (1994 translation) - Debord

The Society of the Spectacle (2002 translation) - Debord

The Revolution of Everyday Life (1972 translation) - Vaneigem


Communiqué - Sorbonne Occupation Committee

Watch Out for Manipulators! Watch Out for Bureaucrats! - SOC

Slogans To Be Spread Now by Every Means - SOC

Telegrams - SOC

Report on the Occupation of the Sorbonne - CMDO

For the Power of the Workers Councils - CMDO

Address to All Workers - CMDO

Enragés and Situationists in the Occupations Movement, France, May '68 - Viénet


Post Mortem Ante Facto - Elwell

Situationist International 1 (complete issue)

Internazionale Situazionista 1

Letter to the French Section of the SI - Debord

Internationale Situationniste 12

Provisional Statutes of the SI

A Proposal for the Organization of Our Future Publications - Riesel

Letter of Resignation - Khayati

Operations Within the French Section After October 1969

In Short - Pavan, Rothe, Salvadori & Sanguinetti

Is the Reichstag Burning? - Pavan, Rothe, Salvadori & Sanguinetti


Report from the Delegates Conference - Martin, Pavan, Riesel & Verlaan

Notes for a Joint Meeting of the French and Italian Sections - Debord

Notes on the SI's Direction - Vaneigem

For Discussion in the French Section of the SI - Riesel

Provisional Theses for the Discussion of New Theoretico-Practical Orientations in the SI (excerpt) Salvadori

Remarks on the SI Today - Debord

The Workers of Italy and the Revolt in Reggio Calabria - Sanguinetti

Letter to the American Section - Debord

Declaration - Debord, Riesel & Viénet

Letter of Resignation - Vaneigem

Letter to Guy Debord - Horelick & Verlaan

Letter to Guy Debord, René Viénet and René Riesel - Horelick & Verlaan


Untitled Text - Debord

February 1971 statement - Horelick & Verlaan


Letters to an Editor - Sanguinetti

Theses on the Situationist International and Its Time - Debord & Sanguinetti

Notes to Serve as a History of the SI from 1969 to 1971 - Debord & Sanguinetti