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Letter to the French Section of the SI

Guy Debord

28 July 1969

Translated by Reuben Keehan


In previous discussions, we all agreed that despite its success and also because of it, it is going to become necessary to change the present form of the French journal: that is to say its volume, its rate of publication, and the very manner in which it has so far organized a collection of texts. This overhaul should bring about every opportunity for collaboration in equality, which was certainly not achievable with the specialized qualification acquired by two or three of us in the handling of the old formula.

Consequently, following the release of issue 12, scheduled for the beginning of September (if we are lucky enough for the problem of Mustapha's still absent article to be resolved), I will no longer assume responsibility, legal as well as editorial, for the "direction" of the journal.

The old revolutionary principle of the rotation of tasks is, after such a long time, sufficient justification for this decision. It carries all the more weight in light of the fact that several SI texts have greatly emphasized the coherence and sufficient capacities of all its members. On the other hand, with many of our opponents being inclined to stupidly present me as the SI's "leader," I believe that with those outside the group who would turn us into stars, I should be kept in shadows as much as possible. It would be even worse, from an internal point of view, for a trust accorded automatically by the SI to end up lending credence to the illusion that I might have an irreplaceable role in anything. These reasons are so persuasive that it is useless to bring up any personal motives, which I nevertheless have in surplus.

I believe that the next comrade we have to designate for this task should be chosen according to the plans that could be proposed for the future form of the French journal. In view of the importance that it holds and could hold still, would it not be suitable for the question of the journal of all situationist activity be raised at the SI's next Conference?