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internationale situationniste #12

Journal of the French Section of the SI

September 1969

Director: Debord
Mail: B.P. 307-03 Paris
Editorial Committee: Mustapha Khayati, René Riesel, Christian Sébastiani, Raoul Vaneigem, René Viénet.

All texts published in Internationale Situationniste may be freely reproduced, translated or adapted, even without indication of origin.

The Beginning of an Era

Reform and Counter-reform in Bureaucratic Power

How Not To Understand Situationist Books excerpt

Selected Judgments on the SI

Preliminaries on Councils and Councilist Organization - Riesel

Notice to the Civilized Concerning Generalized Self-Management - Vaneigem

The Conquest of Space in the Time of Power - Rothe

The Practice of Theory:

How the Delinquents Politicized

What is a Situationist?

The Latest Exclusions

Notes on Spain

Maitron the Historian excerpt

Great Friends of Old What's-His-Name

Pushy Salesmen

What Makes ICO Lie?

The Elite and the Backward excerpt

The Return of Charles Fourier

On Repression


Concerning Nantes

Cinema and Revolution

The 8th Conference of the SI


The Question of Organization for the Situationist International - Debord