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situationist international #1

Review of the American Section of the SI

June 1969

Mail: P.O. Box 419, Cooper Station, New York N.Y. 10003
Editorial Committee: Robert Chasse, Bruce Elwell, Jonathon Horelick, Tony Verlaan.

Anticopyright: texts may be used accordingly

Faces of Recuperation

Certain Extraordinary Considerations Contributing to the Understanding of the Devolution of Capitalism and Bureaucratization of Existence - Chasse

Territorial Management - Debord

And Population Control

The Practice of Theory:

The Situationist International

Council for the Liberation of Daily Life

Our Game in May


Some of the Graffiti

Cohn-Bendit as Representation

Faithful Dissimulation

Epitaph to Bookchinism

The Who's Who of the Ministars of the Minispectacle (selected listing)

Opposition Falsified

And Opposition Rediscovered