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The First Stone Falls

Mohamed Dahou

Potlatch #26 (7 May 1956)

Translated by Gerardo Denís

We have learned with pleasure that the architect Max Bill, Director of the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm (i.e. the new Bauhaus, the sclerotic successor to the Munich school) has had to resign from his post. At the Inductrial Design Conference, held in conjunction with the Tenth Triennale of Industrial Art in Milan, Max Bill was taken vehemntly to task by Jorn and his Italian colleagues, in the name of moving beyond the Functionalist program. In view of the subsequent controversies, it was beyond question that Max Bill, whose theoretical collapse was accompanied by ludicrous threats of legal action, should resign. However, no truly progressive tendency has come to light in the Ulm school and we will continue to oppose it with a confidence strengthened by this notable victory.

Our common organization for the action to be carried out today in architecture has been set up at the following address: Laboratorio Sperimentale del Movimento Internazionale per una Bauhaus Immaginista (2, via XX settembre - ALBA - Italy).